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qmail-lspawn(8) System Manager's Manual qmail-lspawn(8)


qmail-lspawn - schedule local deliveries


qmail-lspawn defaultdelivery


qmail-lspawn reads a series of local delivery commands from descriptor 0, invokes qmail-local to perform the deliveries, and prints the results to descriptor 1. It passes defaultdelivery to qmail-local as the default delivery instruction.

qmail-lspawn invokes qmail-local asynchronously, so the results may not be in the same order as the commands.

For each recipient address, qmail-lspawn finds out which local user controls that address. It first checks the qmail-users mechanism; if the address is not listed there, it invokes qmail-getpw. qmail-lspawn then runs qmail-local under the user's uid and gid. It does not set up any supplementary groups.

qmail-lspawn treats an empty mailbox name as a trash address.


envelopes(5), qmail-users(5), qmail-getpw(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-local(8)