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PYFAI(1) User Commands PYFAI(1)


pyFAI - utility to run the benchmark for azimuthal integration on images of various sizes


usage: benchmark [options]

Benchmark for Azimuthal integration

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
switch to verbose/debug mode
perform benchmark using OpenCL on the CPU
perform benchmark using OpenCL on the GPU
perform benchmark using OpenCL on the Accelerator (like XeonPhi/MIC)
Limit the size of the dataset to X Mpixel images (for computer with limited memory)
Number of repetition of the test (or time used for each test), by default 10
-2d, --2dimention
Benchmark also algorithm for 2D-regrouping
Do not benchmark algorithms for 1D-regrouping
Perfrom memory profiling (Linux only)
Repeat each benchmark x times to take the best
November 2021 pyFAI benchmark version 0.20.0