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check_calib - DEPRECATED tool that checks a calibratation at the sub-pixel level


usage: check_calib [options] -p param.poni image.edf

Check_calib is a deprecated tool aiming at validating both the geometric calibration and everything else like flat-field correction, distortion correction, at a sub-pixel level. Note that `check_calib` program is obsolete as the same functionality is available from within pyFAI-calib, using the `validate` command in the refinement process. :returns: True if the parsing succeed, else False

positional arguments:

Image file to check calibration for

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
switch to debug mode
file containing the dark images to subtract
file containing the flat images to divide
file containing the mask
file containing the diffraction parameter (poni-file)
energy of the X-Ray beam in keV (hc=12.398419843320026keV.A)
wavelength of the X-Ray beam in Angstrom
March 2022 check_calib from pyFAI version 0.21.3: 03/02/2022