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powercap-info - get information from the Linux power capping framework


powercap-info [NAME [OPTION]...] [-hv]


Prints configurations for powercap control types.

Output can be filtered by specifying a control type NAME and OPTION flags.

A control type NAME must not be empty or contain a '.' or '/'.


Prints the help screen
Print errors when files cannot be read
Deprecated, provide NAME as the first positional argument instead.

All remaining options below require a control type NAME:

The zone/subzone numbers in the control type's powercap tree (control type's root by default). Separate zones/subzones with a colon. E.g., for zone 0, subzone 2:
-z 0:2
Ending with a colon prevents output for subzones. E.g., for zone 0, but not subzones:
-z 0:
The constraint number
Print control type enabled/disabled status
Print the number of zones (control type's root by default; within the -z/--zone level, if set)

The following are zone-level arguments and require -z/--zone:

Print the number of zone constraints
Print zone energy counter
Print zone maximum energy counter range
Print zone current power
Print zone maximum current power range
Print zone enabled/disabled status
Print zone name

The following are constraint-level arguments and require -z/--zone and -c/--constraint:

Print constraint power limit
Print constraint time window
Print constraint maximum allowed power
Print constraint minimum allowed power
Print constraint maximum allowed time window
Print constraint minimum allowed time window
Print constraint name


Print all zones for all control types.
Print all zones for the intel-rapl control type.
Print only zone 0 for the intel-rapl control type.
Print zone 0, subzone 1 for the intel-rapl control type.
Print zone 0, constraint 1 for the intel-rapl control type.
Print the energy counter for zone 0 for the intel-rapl control type.
Print the power limit for zone 1, subzone 0, constraint 0 for the intel-rapl control type.


Some fields are optional and/or may require administrative (super-user) privileges to read.
Fields will only be printed if they are available and readable, unless -v/--verbose is set.
If no subzone/constraint-specific outputs are requested, all available zones and constraints will be shown.

Energy units: microjoules (uJ)
Power units: microwatts (uW)
Time units: microseconds (us)


Report bugs upstream at <>





Connor Imes <>



2021-12-12 powercap