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PG_LSCLUSTERS(1) Debian PostgreSQL infrastructure PG_LSCLUSTERS(1)


pg_lsclusters - show information about all PostgreSQL clusters


pg_lsclusters [options] [version [cluster]]


This command list the status and some configuration details of all clusters. If a version and optionally a cluster name are given, only these are shown.


Do not print the column header line.
Output information in JSON format. Needs installed. (Debian package: libjson-perl)
Include start.conf information in status column.
Print usage help.


The cluster status is shown as online or down. If a recovery.conf file is found in the data directory, ,recovery is appended. The latter needs read access to the data directory, which only root and the cluster owner have.

The output lines are colored green and red to indicate the cluster status visually.


Martin Pitt <>

2022-08-11 Debian