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podman-rmi(1) General Commands Manual podman-rmi(1)


podman-rmi - Removes one or more locally stored images


podman rmi [options] image [...]

podman image rm [options] image [...]


Removes one or more locally stored images. Passing an argument image deletes it, along with any of its dangling parent images. A dangling image is an image without a tag and without being referenced by another image.

Note: To delete an image from a remote registry, use the skopeo delete command. Some registries do not allow users to delete an image via a CLI remotely.


--all, -a

Remove all images in the local storage.

--force, -f

This option will cause podman to remove all containers that are using the image before removing the image from the system.

--ignore, -i

If a specified image does not exist in the local storage, ignore it and do not throw an error.


This options will not remove dangling parents of specified image

Remove an image by its short ID

$ podman rmi c0ed59d05ff7

Remove an image and its associated containers.

$ podman rmi --force imageID

Remove multiple images by their shortened IDs.

$ podman rmi c4dfb1609ee2 93fd78260bd1 c0ed59d05ff7

Remove all images and containers.

$ podman rmi -a -f

Remove an absent image with and without the --ignore flag.

$ podman rmi --ignore nothing
$ podman rmi nothing
Error: nothing: image not known

Exit Status

0 All specified images removed

1 One of the specified images did not exist, and no other failures

2 One of the specified images has child images or is being used by a container

125 The command fails for any other reason


podman(1), skopeo-delete(1)


March 2017, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh ⟨⟩