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podman-network(1) General Commands Manual podman-network(1)


podman-network - Manage Podman networks


podman network subcommand


The network command manages networks for Podman.

Podman supports two network backends Netavark and CNI. Support for netavark was added in Podman v4.0. To configure the network backend use the network_backendkey under the [Network] in containers.conf(5). New systems should use netavark by default, to check what backed is used run podman info --format {{.Host.NetworkBackend}}.

All network commands work for both backends but CNI and Netavark use different config files so networks have to be created again after a backend change.


Command Man Page Description
connect podman-network-connect(1) Connect a container to a network
create podman-network-create(1) Create a Podman network
disconnect podman-network-disconnect(1) Disconnect a container from a network
exists podman-network-exists(1) Check if the given network exists
inspect podman-network-inspect(1) Displays the network configuration for one or more networks
ls podman-network-ls(1) Display a summary of networks
prune podman-network-prune(1) Remove all unused networks
reload podman-network-reload(1) Reload network configuration for containers
rm podman-network-rm(1) Remove one or more networks


podman(1), containers.conf(5)