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podman-pod-inspect(1) General Commands Manual podman-pod-inspect(1)


podman-pod-inspect - Displays information describing a pod


podman pod inspect [options] pod ...


Displays configuration and state information about a given pod. It also displays information about containers that belong to the pod.


--format, -f=format

Change the default output format. This can be of a supported type like 'json' or a Go template. Valid placeholders for the Go template are listed below:

Placeholder Description
.BlkioDeviceReadBps Block I/O Device Read, in bytes/sec
.BlkioDeviceWriteBps Block I/O Device Read, in bytes/sec
.BlkioWeight Block I/O Weight
.BlkioWeightDevice Block I/O Device Weight
.CgroupParent Pod cgroup parent
.CgroupPath Pod cgroup path
.Containers Pod containers
.CPUPeriod CPU period
.CPUQuota CPU quota
.CPUSetMems CPU Set Mems
.CPUShares CPU Shares
.CreateCgroup Whether cgroup was created
.CreateCommand Create command
.Created Time when the pod was created
.CreateInfra Whether infrastructure created
.Devices Devices
.ExitPolicy Exit policy
.Hostname Pod hostname
.ID Pod ID
.InfraConfig ... Infra config (contains further fields)
.InfraContainerID Pod infrastructure ID
.InspectPodData ... Nested structure, for experts only
.Labels Pod labels
.MemoryLimit Memory limit, bytes
.MemorySwap Memory swap limit, in bytes
.Mounts Mounts
.Name Pod name
.Namespace Namespace
.NumContainers Number of containers in the pod
.SecurityOpts Security options
.SharedNamespaces Pod shared namespaces
.State Pod state
.VolumesFrom Volumes from

--latest, -l

Instead of providing the pod name or ID, use the last created pod. If you use methods other than Podman to run pods such as CRI-O, the last started pod could be from either of those methods. (This option is not available with the remote Podman client, including Mac and Windows (excluding WSL2) machines)


# podman pod inspect foobar

"Id": "3513ca70583dd7ef2bac83331350f6b6c47d7b4e526c908e49d89ebf720e4693",
"Name": "foobar",
"Labels": {},
"CgroupParent": "/libpod_parent",
"CreateCgroup": true,
"Created": "2018-08-08T11:15:18.823115347-05:00"
"State": "created",
"Hostname": "",
"SharedNamespaces": [
"CreateInfra": false,
"InfraContainerID": "1020dd70583dd7ff2bac83331350f6b6e007de0d026c908e49d89ebf891d4699"
"CgroupPath": ""
"Containers": [
"id": "d53f8bf1e9730281264aac6e6586e327429f62c704abea4b6afb5d8a2b2c9f2c",
"state": "configured"
] }


podman(1), podman-pod(1), podman-inspect(1)


August 2018, Originally compiled by Brent Baude ⟨⟩