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podman-image-tree(1) General Commands Manual podman-image-tree(1)


podman-image-tree - Prints layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format


podman image tree [options] image:tag|image-id


Prints layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format. If you do not provide a tag, Podman will default to latest for the image. Layers are indicated with image tags as Top Layer of, when the tag is known locally.


--help, -h

Print usage statement


Show all child images and layers of the specified image


$ podman pull
$ podman pull
$ podman image tree
Image ID: 6e880d17852f
Tags:    []
Size:    429.9MB
Image Layers
├──  ID: 3c816b4ead84 Size: 58.47MB
├──  ID: e39dad2af72e Size: 3.584kB
├──  ID: b2d6a702383c Size: 213.6MB
├──  ID: 94609408badd Size: 3.584kB
├──  ID: f4dddbf86725 Size: 43.04MB
├──  ID: 8f695df43a4c Size: 11.78kB
├──  ID: c29d67bf8461 Size: 9.728kB
├──  ID: 23f4315918f8 Size:  7.68kB
├──  ID: d082f93a18b3 Size: 13.51MB
├──  ID: 7ea8bedcac69 Size: 4.096kB
├──  ID: dc3bbf7b3dc0 Size: 57.53MB
├──  ID: fdbbc6404531 Size: 11.78kB
├──  ID: 8d24785437c6 Size: 4.608kB
├──  ID: 80715f9e8880 Size: 4.608kB Top Layer of: []
├──  ID: c93cbcd6437e Size: 3.573MB
├──  ID: dece674f3cd1 Size: 4.608kB
├──  ID: 834f4497afda Size: 7.168kB
├──  ID: bfe2ce1263f8 Size: 40.06MB
└──  ID: 748e99b214cf Size: 11.78kB Top Layer of: []
$ podman pull
$ podman pull
$ podman image tree ae96a4ad4f3f --whatrequires
Image ID: ae96a4ad4f3f
Tags:    []
Size:    894.2MB
Image Layers
└──  ID: 9c92106221c7 Size:  2.56kB Top Layer of: []

├── ID: 1b90f2b80ba0 Size: 3.584kB
│ ├── ID: 42b7d43ae61c Size: 169.5MB
│ ├── ID: 26dc8ba99ec3 Size: 2.048kB
│ ├── ID: b4f822db8d95 Size: 3.957MB
│ ├── ID: 044e9616ef8a Size: 164.7MB
│ ├── ID: bf94b940200d Size: 11.75MB
│ ├── ID: 4938e71bfb3b Size: 8.532MB
│ └── ID: f513034bf553 Size: 1.141MB
├── ID: 1e55901c3ea9 Size: 3.584kB
├── ID: b62835a63f51 Size: 169.5MB
├── ID: 9f4e8857f3fd Size: 2.048kB
├── ID: c3b392020e8f Size: 3.957MB
├── ID: 880163026a0a Size: 164.8MB
├── ID: 8c78b2b14643 Size: 11.75MB
├── ID: 830370cfa182 Size: 8.532MB
└── ID: 567fd7b7bd38 Size: 1.141MB Top Layer of: []




Feb 2019, Originally compiled by Kunal Kushwaha <>