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dpt-repack -- repackaging helper


dpt repack --upstream-version version downloaded file"


dpt repack helps creating repackaged tarballs, suitable for feeding dpkg-source(1).

Work is commenced in three stages:

  • dpt repack unpacks the provided upstream tarball.
  • debian/repack.local is sourced to remove unsuitable content.
  • dpt repack packs the sources again, under a suitable file name in the form "package_ver.orig.tar.gz" (suffix depending on initial compression).

dpt repack invokes debian/repack.local in an environment where rm and mv are replaced with functions that reflect the operations in the MANIFEST file, if present.


Copyright 2009, Ryan Niebur

Copyright 2009-2011, gregor herrmann

This program is free software and can be distributed under the same terms as Perl.

2022-07-20 pkg-perl-tools 0.71