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dpt-checkout(1) Debian Perl packaging Tools dpt-checkout(1)


dpt-checkout - work on a pkg-perl package


dpt checkout package-name [package-name ...]

dpt co package-name [package-name ...]


dpt checkout checks out a working copy for the packaging of a given package.

If you use dpt-shell-lib(1), dpt checkout even puts you in the directory of working copy if you checked out only one source package.

If the package directory exists, the clone is updated by calling gbp-pull(1). If it doesn't exist, it is cloned off pkg-perl git repositories via gbp-clone(1).

If there is an upstream repository information in debian/upstream/metadata, dpt-upstream-repo(1) is invoked to add it as a Git remote.

dpt co is an alias for dpt checkout.


dpt checkout uses the "DPT_PACKAGES" environment variable. If "DPT_PACKAGES" is not defined, the current working directory is used.

See dpt-config(5) for details.


This program is free software, licensed under the same term as perl.

2022-07-20 pkg-perl-tools 0.71