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pk4(1) User Manuals pk4(1)


pk4 - make available the Debian source package producing the specified package


pk4 [options] package...


pk4 resolves the specified argument(s) as either:
1. the name of a Debian binary package, and selects its Debian source package.
2. the name of a Debian source package, and selects it.
3. or a file path, and selects the Debian source package of the owning package.
The source package version is either the installed version (if any) or the installation candidate, as per apt-cache policy.
Then, pk4 downloads the entire selected source package (every file referenced by — and including — its .dsc file) and prints the output directory path.


Whether to allow unauthenticated source packages, i.e. disable signature checking.
Restrict search to binary packages only.
Whether to return shell completions. Should usually be set by shell completion functions only.
-dest string
Directory in which to store source packages (default ~/.cache/pk4).
Interpret the argument as a file name and operate on the package providing the file.
Resolve the provided arguments to source package and source package version, then print them to stdout in %s\t%s\n format and exit.
-shell string
Which shell to start in the output directory after downloading the source (default $SHELL)
Restrict search to source packages only.
Whether to print messages to stderr.
-version string
Use the specified source package version (default: installed package version, or latest known if not installed).


# Avail the current Linux kernel sources:
pk4 -src linux
# Avail the sources which produced Debian binary package libbz2-1.0
pk4 libbz2-1.0
# Avail the sources of whichever package currently provides vi:
pk4 -file $(which vi)
# Fetch the i3 source, apply a bugfix, rebuild and replace installed packages:
pk4 i3
patch -p1 < /tmp/myfix.patch
# Avail all debhelper build system implementations:
pk4 -allow_unauthenticated $(grep '^dh-*' /var/cache/pk4/completion.both.txt)
# Grep through their sources:
grep -r option ~/.cache/pk4/dh-*


The following attributes can be configured in ~/.config/pk4/pk4.deb822:
Disk-Usage-Limit bytes
Disk-Usage-Limit: 2GiB


The following hooks can be configured:
after-download hooks are run after the package was successfully downloaded. Examples:
# Automatically create a git repository for each package:
mkdir -p ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/after-download/
ln -s /usr/share/pk4/hooks-available/after-download/git-init \

unpack hooks replace the unpack phase: as soon as one or more unpack hooks are found, pk4 will run them instead of running dpkg-source -x. Examples:
# Unpack source into a new git-buildpackage repository:
apt install git-buildpackage
mkdir -p ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/unpack/
ln -s /usr/share/pk4/hooks-available/unpack/gbp \


(Re-)generate index files for pk4
build sources and replace currently installed packages


Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg at>
OCTOBER 2017 Linux