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SDIG(1) PowerDNS Authoritative Server SDIG(1)


sdig - Perform a DNS query and show the results




sdig sends a DNS query to IP-ADDRESS-OR-DOH-URL on port PORT and displays the answer in a formatted way. If the address starts with an h, it is assumed to be a DoH endpoint, and PORT is ignored. If qname and qtype are both - and tcp is used, multiple lines are read from stdin, where each line contains a qname and a type. If the address is stdin, a DNS packet is read from stdin instead of from the network, and PORT is ignored. All input is literal and case sensitive. Queries need option recurse to expect a resource record reply if the query target is not known to be the authoritative server for that record.


These options can be added to the commandline in any order.

Send the query in the numbered class (like 3 for CHAOS) instead of the default 1 (for IN).
Set the DO bit to request DNSSEC information.
Send SUBNET in the edns-client-subnet option. If this option is not set, no edns-client-subnet option is set in the query.
Don't show the SOA serial in the response.
Replace TTLs with [ttl] in the response.
Wrap query in PROXYv2 protocol with these parameters. The first parameter accepts 0 for UDP and 1 for TCP. The second and third take IP addresses and port.
Set the RD bit in the question.
Show the NSEC3 flags in the response (they are hidden by default).
Display record contents in a form suitable for dnsdist's SpoofRawAction.
Use TCP instead of UDP to send the query.
use DoT instead of UDP to send a query. Implies tcp.
when using DoT, do not validate the server certificate.
when using TCP or, DoT, enable TCP Fast Open
when using DoT, verify the server certificate is issued for name. The openssl provider will accept an empty name and still make sure the certificate is issued by a trusted CA, gnutls will only do the validation if a name is given. Default is the empty name. Also, note that older provide libraries might not validate at all.
when using DoT, read the trusted CA certificates from file. Default is to use the system provided CA store.
when using DoT, use TLS provider name. Currently supported (if compiled in): openssl and gnutls. Default is openssl if available.
Send an XPF additional with these parameters.
Use opcode OPNUM instead of 0 (Query). For example, sdig 53 SOA opcode 4 sends a NOTIFY.


sdig 53 AAAA recurse sdig ::1 53 A recurse
sdig 443 A dnssec recurse




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July 12, 2022