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nordlicht - creates colorful barcodes from video files


nordlicht [OPTION]... VIDEOFILE


set the barcode's width; by default it's "height*10", or 1920 pixels, if both are undefined
set the barcode's height; by default it's "width/10"
set output filename, the default is VIDEOFILE.png; when you specify an *.bgra file, you'll get a raw 32-bit BGRA file that is updated as the barcode is generated
default is 'horizontal', see "Styles" section below. You can specify more than one style, separated by '+', to get multiple tracks
specify where to start the barcode (ratio between 0 and 1)
specify where to end the barcode (ratio between 0 and 1)
don't show progress indicator
display this help and exit
output version information and exit


compress frames to vertical lines and append them
compress frames to horizontal lines and rotate them counterclockwise by 90 degrees
take single columns while constantly moving to the right (and wrapping back to the left)
take the middlemost column of each frame
display small thumbnails at regular intervals
spectrogram of the first audio track (not all sample formats are supported yet)


generate video.mp4.nordlicht.png of default size
compress individual frames to columns
override size and name of the output file


Written by Sebastian Morr and contributors.

September 2019 nordlicht 0.4.5