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Ppmbrighten User Manual(1) General Commands Manual Ppmbrighten User Manual(1)


ppmbrighten - replaced by pambrighten


This program is part of Netpbm(1).

Starting with Netpbm 10.86 (March 2019), ppmbrighten is obsolete. Use pambrighten(1) instead.

pambrighten is mostly backward compatible with ppmbrighten. You can use the pambrighten manual for ppmbrighten as long as you ignore features that were added after Netpbm 10.86.

One way in which pambrighten is not backward compatible is that
pambrighten does not have a -normalize option. If you want
that function, use pnmnorm on the image before passing it to

Another backward incompatibility is that pambrighten produces the
same kind of output as the input, whereas ppmbrighten always
produces PPM. If you need PPM output, pass the results through

ppmbrighten is currently implemented as a triviel program that
invokes pambrighten, pnmnorm, and ppmtoppm.


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