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NE(1) General Commands Manual NE(1)


ne - A nice editor


ne [options] files

[--help] [--] [+[N[,M]]] [--binary] [--read-only] [--utf8] [--no-utf8] [--ansi] [--no-ansi] [--no-config] [--no-syntax] [--prefs ext] [--keys key-configuration-file] [--menus menu-configuration-file] [--macro macro-file]


ne is a free text editor that runs on (hopefully almost) any UN*X machine. ne is easy to use for the beginner, but powerful and fully configurable for the wizard, and most sparing in its resource usage.

This documentation is incomplete. The Texinfo/info/HTML/PDF documentation is the authoritative source (try info ne or info -f ne).


Prints a help message.
Next token is a filename. May appear more than once.
Moves to the last or N-th line, first or M-th column of the next named file. May appear more than once.
Load the next named file in binary mode. May appear more than once.
Load the next file in read-only mode. May appear more than once.
Use UTF-8 I/O.
Do not use UTF-8 I/O.
Use the built-in ANSI sequences.
Never use the built-in ANSI sequences.
Skip reading the menu and keyboard configuration files.
Disable syntax-highlighting support.
Set autoprefs for the provided extension before loading the first file.
Use the specified keyboard configuration file.
Use the specified menu configuration file.
Execute the given macro after startup.


Start ne, then use escape, escape-escape or F1 to access the menus.


Please send bug reports to Sebastiano Vigna <> or Todd Lewis <>.


ne was originally written by Sebastiano Vigna. Todd M. Lewis added several new features. Daniele Filaretti helped with syntax highlighting.

by Sebastiano Vigna and Todd M. Lewis ne