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ncarlogo2ps(1NCARG) NCAR GRAPHICS ncarlogo2ps(1NCARG)


ncarlogo2ps - adds NCAR logos to pre-existing PostScript files generated by NCAR Graphics.


usage: ncarlogo2ps [-s size] [-position x:y] [-angle ang]
[-input input_file] [-output output_file]


"ncarlogo2ps" takes as input a PostScript file created from NCAR Graphics 3.2 or later, or created from a "ctrans -d ps.color" command, and adds an NCAR logo to each frame.

The options are:

Specifies the height of the logo in inches. The default is 0.517 inches.
x:y specifies the X-Y position of the center of the logo in inches. Only the "-p" is significant. The default is 7.35:2.3
Specifies the angle in degrees to rotate the logo from the defualt upright position.
Specifies the PostScript input file. This must have been generated by NCAR Graphics. If no input option is specified, the input defaults to standard in.
Specifies the PostScript output file. If no output option is specified, the output defaults to standard out.

The options may appear in any order and only the first character is significant.


ncarglogo2ps -s 0.75 -p 7.0:0.75 < input_file > ouptut_file

would place in the output file a logo 7 inches from the left edge and 3/4" from the bottom with a height of 3/4".


Copyright (C) 2002
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.

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