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ESAMPLE(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual ESAMPLE(1)


esample - print a sample document for use with NCBI Entrez Direct


esample -docsum|-article|-book|-protein|-gene|-taxon|-blast|-snp|-hgvs|-bioc|-flatfile|-gencode


esample writes a sample document (typically NCBI Entrez XML) from the specified database to standard output.


Write an NCBI DocumentSummarySet XML document (PMID 6301692).
Write an NCBI PubmedArticle XML document (PMID 6301692).
Write an NCBI PubmedArticleSet XML document (PMID 21433338).
Write an NCBI INSDSeq XML document (accession AAQ05867.1).
Write an NCBI DocumentSummary XML document (gene IL9R).
Write an NCBI TaxaSet XML document (for Homo sapiens).
Write an NCBI BlastOutput XML document (for blastx results).
Write an NCBI JSON document (for refsnp_id 1238141906).
Write a Human Genome Variation Society entry (for position 5,226,774 on NC_000011.10).
Write a BioConductor collection XML document (for PMID 6301692).
Write a GenBank/GenPept flatfile (accessions U54469.1 and AAC03524.1).
Summarize the standard genetic code and nucleotide and amino acid abbreviations, and list well-known genetic codes' numbers and names.


efetch(1), xtract(1).

2023-01-23 NCBI