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MAVEN(1) User Commands MAVEN(1)


Maven - manual page for Maven Repo Helper version 1.7.1


mh_make [option]...


Generate the Debian packaging by reading the information from the Maven POM.


-h --help: show this text

-V --version: show the version

-s<svn url> --from-svn=<svn url>: download the source code from

the SVN repository before building the Debian packaging. Use a tagged branch of the source code, for example

-p<package> --package=<package>: name of the source package

-b<package> --bin-package=<package>: name of the binary package

-t<true|false> --run-tests=<true|false>: include or not the tests

-d<true|false> --javadoc=<true|false>: include or not the javadoc

during the build

-n --non-interactive: non interactive mode, don't ask questions

-v --verbose: show more information while running

To have mh_make working properly, you need first to install on your system as many dependencies for your project as possible. Those dependencies should also contain the required Maven metadata (POM files and jars in the /usr/share/maven-repo repository)

Environment variables:

DEBFULLNAME - your full name, e.g. John Doe DEBEMAIL - your packager email address DEBLICENSE - the license for the files under the debian/ directory
must be one of GPL2, GPL3, LGPL2.1, Apache-2.0, BSD or any license short name defined in
May 2022 Maven Repo Helper version 1.7.1