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proc_pid_seccomp(5) File Formats Manual proc_pid_seccomp(5)


/proc/pid/seccomp - secure computing mode


/proc/pid/seccomp (Linux 2.6.12 to Linux 2.6.22)
This file can be used to read and change the process's secure computing (seccomp) mode setting. It contains the value 0 if the process is not in seccomp mode, and 1 if the process is in strict seccomp mode (see seccomp(2)). Writing 1 to this file places the process irreversibly in strict seccomp mode. (Further attempts to write to the file fail with the EPERM error.)
In Linux 2.6.23, this file went away, to be replaced by the prctl(2) PR_GET_SECCOMP and PR_SET_SECCOMP operations (and later by seccomp(2) and the Seccomp field in /proc/pid/status).



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