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gmi2email(1) User Commands gmi2email(1)


gmi2email - subscribe to gemlogs and read individual Gemini pages by e-mail


gmi2email [OPTIONS] [URI or FILE] ...


gmi2email fetches pages served using the Gemini protocol, converts them to e-mail messages, and then sends those messages. It is mainly useful for subscribing to Gemini logs ("gemlogs") by e-mail, like rss2email(1). gmi2email fetches, converts and sends all URIs and files containing text/gemini content specified on the command line.


1. Ensure you have a working MTA: gmi2email will use the sendmail(1) command to send mail.

2. Create ~/.config/mailscripts/gmi2email.config with content like this:

    from =
    to =
    inline_images = 1

3. Create ~/.config/mailscripts/gmi2email.subscriptions with some feed URIs, e.g.


4. Just once, execute

    % gmi2email --subscriptions --no-send

5. Periodically, execute

    % gmi2email --subscriptions


In addition to mailing any URIs/files specified on the command line, check subscribed gemlogs for new posts and send those too. Useful in a crontab.

We support the subscription mechanism described at <gemini://> as well as Atom feeds.

gmi2email looks for a file with a list of gemini:// URIs to check for new posts, one per line, in FILE, or if that is not set, in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mailscripts/gmi2email.subscriptions, or if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, it falls back to trying to read ~/.config/mailscripts/gmi2email.subscriptions.

Download and inline any images included in the post.
Don't actually send any mail. Intended when you just added some new subscriptions and want to avoid receiving all the old posts you've already read.
Set the From: address, overriding the configuration file.
Set the To: address, overriding the configuration file.


gmi2email tries to read configuration from the file $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mailscripts/gmi2email.config, or if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, it falls back to trying to read ~/.config/mailscripts/gmi2email.config.

The format is key = value, one per line. The following configuration keys are supported:

Set the From: address.
Set the To: address.
Set to 1 to implicitly pass --inline-images.




gmi2email was written by Sean Whitton <>.
Debian Project perl v5.32.0