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MAILGRAPH(8) System Manager's Manual MAILGRAPH(8)


mailgraph - daemon which produces graphs of SMTP traffic


mailgraph [ options ]


mailgraph is a daemon which produces mail statistics RRDtool for Postfix and Sendmail. This stats are stored for generating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs of sent/received/rejected and bounced/viruses/spam mails.


Display help and exit.
Be verbose about what you do.
Output version information and exit.
Cause the logfile to be only read and not monitored.

Monitor logfile file instead of /var/log/syslog.
Set logfile's type (default: syslog).
Start year of the log file (default: current year).
Use only entries for HOST (regexp) in syslog.
Start in the background
Write PID to FILE instead of /var/run/
Write RRDs to DIR instead of /var/lib/mailgraph/.
Write verbose-log to FILE instead of /var/log/mailgraph.log.
Ignore mail to/from localhost (used for virus scanner).
Ignore mail to/from HOST (used for virus scanner).
Do not update the mail rrd.
Do not update the virus rrd.
Do not update the greylist rrd.
Use NAME.rrd, NAME_virus.rrd and NAME_greylist.rrd for the rrd files.
Count rbl rejects as spam.
Count virbl rejects as viruses.


rrdtool(1), RRDs(3pm)


David Schweikert <>