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HSI_ASYNC(9) High Speed Synchronous Serial HSI_ASYNC(9)


hsi_async - Submit an HSI transfer to the controller


int hsi_async(struct hsi_client * cl, struct hsi_msg * msg);



HSI client sending the transfer


The HSI transfer passed to controller


The HSI message must have the channel, ttype, complete and destructor fields set beforehand. If nents > 0 then the client has to initialize also the scatterlists to point to the buffers to write to or read from.

HSI controllers relay on pre-allocated buffers from their clients and they do not allocate buffers on their own.

Once the HSI message transfer finishes, the HSI controller calls the complete callback with the status and actual_len fields of the HSI message updated. The complete callback can be called before returning from hsi_async.

Returns -errno on failure or 0 on success


January 2017 Kernel Hackers Manual 4.8.