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XkbKeyType(3) XKB FUNCTIONS XkbKeyType(3)


XkbKeyType - Obtain the index of a key type or the pointer to a key type


XkbKeyTypePtr XkbKeyType (XkbDescPtr xkb, KeyCode keycode, int group);


- xkb
Xkb description of interest
- keycode
keycode of interest
- group
group index


XkbKeyType returns a pointer to the key type in the types vector of the client map in xkb corresponding to the given keycode and group index.


typedef struct {                             /∗ Key Type */
	XkbModsRec              mods;           /∗ modifiers used to compute shift level */
	unsigned char           num_levels;     /∗ total # shift levels, do not modify directly */
	unsigned char           map_count;      /∗ # entries in map, preserve (if non-NULL) */
	XkbKTMapEntryPtr        map;            /∗ vector of modifiers for each shift level */
	XkbModsPtr              preserve;       /∗ mods to preserve for corresponding map entry */
	Atom                    name;           /∗ name of key type */
	Atom *                  level_names;    /∗ array of names of each shift level */
} XkbKeyTypeRec, *XkbKeyTypePtr;
libX11 1.6.8 X Version 11