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Text::MicroMason::HasParams(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Text::MicroMason::HasParams(3pm)


Text::MicroMason::HasParams - mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base


This mixin class ...

' =head2 Public Methods

Gets and sets parameter arguments. Similar to the param() method provied by HTML::Template and the CGI module.

Private Methods

Adds initialization for param() at the beginning of each subroutine to be compiled.


For an overview of this templating framework, see Text::MicroMason.

This is a mixin class intended for use with Text::MicroMason::Base.

For distribution, installation, support, copyright and license information, see Text::MicroMason::Docs::ReadMe.

2022-08-28 perl v5.34.0