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std_mutex.h(3cxx) std_mutex.h(3cxx)





struct std::adopt_lock_t
Assume the calling thread has already obtained mutex ownership and manage it. struct std::defer_lock_t
Do not acquire ownership of the mutex. class std::lock_guard< _Mutex >
A simple scoped lock type. class std::mutex
The standard mutex type. struct std::try_to_lock_t
Try to acquire ownership of the mutex without blocking.


namespace std
ISO C++ entities toplevel namespace is std.


constexpr adopt_lock_t std::adopt_lock
Tag used to make a scoped lock take ownership of a locked mutex. constexpr defer_lock_t std::defer_lock
Tag used to prevent a scoped lock from acquiring ownership of a mutex. constexpr try_to_lock_t std::try_to_lock
Tag used to prevent a scoped lock from blocking if a mutex is locked.

Detailed Description

This is an internal header file, included by other library headers. Do not attempt to use it directly. Instead, include <mutex>.

Definition in file std_mutex.h.


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