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std::_Function_base(3cxx) std::_Function_base(3cxx)


std::_Function_base - Base class of all polymorphic function object wrappers.


#include <functional>

Inherited by std::function< _Res(_ArgTypes...)> [private].

Public Types

using _Manager_type = bool(*)(_Any_data &, const _Any_data &, _Manager_operation)

Public Member Functions

bool _M_empty () const

Public Attributes

_Any_data _M_functor
_Manager_type _M_manager

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t _M_max_align
static const size_t _M_max_size

Detailed Description

Base class of all polymorphic function object wrappers.

Definition at line 114 of file functional.

Member Typedef Documentation

using std::_Function_base::_Manager_type = bool (*)(_Any_data&, const _Any_data&, _Manager_operation)

Definition at line 249 of file functional.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

std::_Function_base::~_Function_base () [inline]

Definition at line 241 of file functional.

Member Function Documentation

bool std::_Function_base::_M_empty () const [inline]

Definition at line 247 of file functional.

Member Data Documentation

_Any_data std::_Function_base::_M_functor

Definition at line 252 of file functional.

_Manager_type std::_Function_base::_M_manager

Definition at line 253 of file functional.

const size_t std::_Function_base::_M_max_align [static]

Definition at line 118 of file functional.

const size_t std::_Function_base::_M_max_size [static]

Definition at line 117 of file functional.


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