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pappl-makeresheader(1) Michael R Sweet pappl-makeresheader(1)


pappl-makeresheader - resource header utility


pappl-makeresheader FILES > FILENAME.h


pappl-makeresheader creates a C header file suitable for inclusion in a printer application. The header file creates a C unsigned char array or string constant that can be used with the papplSystemAddResourceData or papplSystemAddResourceString functions, or as data for a printer icon in the pappl_icon_t structure. The C variable names used for each file are generated by replacing all spaces, dots, and dashes with the underscore. For example, a file named "my printer-icon.png" would have the C variable name "my_printer_icon_png".




Copyright © 2019-2020 by Michael R Sweet.

PAPPL is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 with an (optional) exception to allow linking against GPL2/LGPL2 software (like older versions of CUPS), so it can be used freely in any project you'd like. See the files "LICENSE" and "NOTICE" in the source distribution for more information.

pappl-makeresheader 2020-10-25