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PAPI_hl_stop(3) PAPI PAPI_hl_stop(3)


PAPI_hl_stop -

Stop a running high-level event set.


Detailed Description

C Interface:

#include <papi.h>
int PAPI_hl_stop();

Return values:

PAPI_ENOEVNT -- The EventSet is not started yet.
PAPI_ENOMEM -- Insufficient memory to complete the operation.

PAPI_hl_stop stops a running high-level event set.

This call is optional and only necessary if the programmer wants to use the low-level API in addition to the high-level API. It should be noted that PAPI_hl_stop and low-level calls are not allowed inside of a marked region. Furthermore, PAPI_hl_stop is thread-local and therefore has to be called in the same thread as the corresponding marked region.

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