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PAPI_get_executable_info(3) PAPI PAPI_get_executable_info(3)


PAPI_get_executable_info -

Get the executable's address space info.


Detailed Description

@par C Interface:
const PAPI_exe_info_t *PAPI_get_executable_info( void );
This function returns a pointer to a structure containing information 
about the current program.
@param fullname

Fully qualified path + filename of the executable. @param name
Filename of the executable with no path information. @param text_start, text_end
Start and End addresses of program text segment. @param data_start, data_end
Start and End addresses of program data segment. @param bss_start, bss_end
Start and End addresses of program bss segment. @retval PAPI_EINVAL
One or more of the arguments is invalid. @par Examples:

*   const PAPI_exe_info_t *prginfo = NULL;
*   if ( ( prginfo = PAPI_get_executable_info( ) ) == NULL )
*   exit( 1 );
*   printf( "Path+Program: %s0, exeinfo->fullname );
*   printf( "Program: %s0, exeinfo-> );
*   printf( "Text start: %p, Text end: %p0, exeinfo->address_info.text_start, exeinfo->address_info.text_end) ;
*   printf( "Data start: %p, Data end: %p0, exeinfo->address_info.data_start, exeinfo->address_info.data_end );
*   printf( "Bss start: %p, Bss end: %p0, exeinfo->address_info.bss_start, exeinfo->address_info.bss_end );

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