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gset_text_font_prec (Set text font and precision) - sets the text font and precision.


#include <ncarg/gks.h>

void gset_text_font_prec(const Gtext_font_prec *text_font_prec);


(Gint, Input) Specifies the text font to be used in subsequent calls to the gtext output primitive. Options are:
ASCII font (default)
Hershey cartographic Roman
Hershey cartographic Greek
Hershey simplex Roman
Hershey simplex Greek
Hershey simplex script
Hershey complex Roman
Hershey complex Greek
Hershey complex script
Hershey complex italic
Hershey complex Cyrillic
Hershey duplex Roman
Hershey triplex Roman
Hershey triplex italic
Hershey Gothic German
Hershey Gothic English
Hershey Gothic Italian
Hershey math symbols
Hershey symbol set 1
Hershey symbol set 2

The Hershey fonts are not standardized by GKS but are locally implemented in NCAR GKS-0A. GKS requires that such locally implemented fonts be assigned negative font numbers. To view the Hershey fonts, look at the plots produced from the PLOTCHAR example (execute "ncargex epltch" to get a metafile) and examine the plot titled "PLCHHQ - FONTCAP DATABASES ADDED 6/90". The font numbers there are the absolute values of the value for text_font_prec.font described here (PLOTCHAR has no need to follow the structures that GKS imposes on font names for gset_text_font_prec).

(Input) Gives the precision used in subsequent calls to the gtext output primitive for font type text_font_prec.font. Options are:
String precision (good). This is the GKS default.
Character precision (better).
Stroke precision (best). This is the default for NCAR GSK-0A.


If one accesses the Hershey fonts via gset_text_font_prec and gtext, then the characters are not stroked until viewing time. If one accesses the Hershey fonts via PLOTCHAR, then the characters are stroked by PLOTCHAR itself. This can make a significant difference in metafile sizes.


To use the GKS C-binding routines, load the ncarg_gks and ncarg_c libraries.


Online: gtext(3NCARG), gset_text_path(3NCARG), gset_text_align(3NCARG), gset_char_ht(3NCARG), gset_char_space(3NCARG), gset_char_up_vec(3NCARG), gset_char_expan(3NCARG), gset_colr_rep(3NCARG), gset_text_colr_ind(3NCARG), ginq_text_path(3NCARG), ginq_text_align(3NCARG), ginq_text_font_prec(3NCARG), ginq_char_ht(3NCARG), ginq_char_space(3NCARG), ginq_char_up_vec(3NCARG), ginq_char_expan(3NCARG), plotchar(3NCARG), gks(3NCARG), ncarg_gks_cbind(3NCARG),

Hardcopy: User's Guide for NCAR GKS-0A Graphics; NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, UNIX Version


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