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XmImUnsetFocus(3) Library Functions Manual XmImUnsetFocus(3)


XmImUnsetFocus — An input manager function that notifies an input method that a widget has lost input focus "XmImUnsetFocus" "input manager functions" "XmImUnsetFocus"


#include <Xm/XmIm.h>
void XmImUnsetFocus(
Widget widget);


XmImUnsetFocus unsets a specified widget's focus, then notifies the input manager that the specified widget has lost its input focus.

Note that the Text, TextField, and List widgets already call the XmImUnsetFocus internally. Therefore, further calls to the XmImUnsetFocus function for those widgets are unnecessary.

Specifies the ID of the widget registered with the input manager


XmImSetFocusValues(3) and XmImVaSetFocusValues(3).