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mysql_fetch_field_direct(3) MariaDB Connector/C mysql_fetch_field_direct(3)


mysql_fetch_field_direct - Returns a pointer to a MYSQL_FIELD structure


#include <mysql.h>
MYSQL_FIELD * mysql_fetch_field_direct(MYSQL_RES * res,

unsigned int fieldnr);


Returns a pointer to a MYSQL_FIELD structure which contains field information from the specified result set. ### Parameter * res - a result set identifier returned by mysql_store_result(3) or mysql_use_result(3). * fieldnr - the field number. This value must be within the range from 0 to number of fields - 1 ### Notes * The total number of fields can be obtained by mysql_field_count()

Return value

Pointer to a MYSQL_FIELD structure or NULL if an invalid field number was specified

See also

Version 3.3.1