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HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack(3pm)


HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack - A class to manage filter stacks


This class is used internally by HTTP::Proxy to manage its four filter stacks.

From the point of view of HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack, a filter is actually a ("matchsub", "filterobj") pair. The match subroutine (generated by HTTP::Proxy's "push_filter()" method) is run against the current HTTP::Message object to find out which filters must be kept in the stack when handling this message.

The filter stack maintains a set of buffers where the filters can store data. This data is appended at the beginning of the next chunk of data, until all the data has been sent.


The class provides the following methods:

Create a new instance of HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack. If $isbody is true, then the stack will manage body filters (subclasses of HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter).
$message is the current HTTP::Message handled by the proxy. It is used (with the help of each filter's match subroutine) to select the subset of filters that will be applied on the given message.
This method calls all the currently selected filters in turn, with the appropriate arguments.
This method calls all the currently selected filters in turn, to filter the data remaining in the buffers in a single pass.
Return a boolean value indicating if the list of selected filters in the stack will modify the body content. The value is computed from the result of calling "will_modify()" on all selected filters.
Return a list of all filters in the stack.
Used for END OF DATA bookkeeping.
Push the given "[ match, filterobj ]" pairs at the top of the stack.
Insert the given "[ match, filterobj ]" pairs at position $idx in the stack.
Remove the "[ match, filterobj ]" pair at position $idx in the stack.


Philippe "BooK" Bruhat, <>.


Copyright 2002-2015, Philippe Bruhat.


This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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