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HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete(3pm)


HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete - A filter that passes on a complete body or nothing


    use HTTP::Proxy;
    use HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple;
    use HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete;
    my $proxy = HTTP::Proxy->new;
    # pass the complete response body to our filter (in one pass)
        mime => 'text/html',
        response => HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete->new,
        response => HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::simple->new(
            sub {
                my ( $self, $dataref, $message, $protocol, $buffer ) = @_;
                # some complex processing that needs
                # the whole response body


The HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter::complete filter will ensure that the next filter in the filter chain will only receive complete message bodies (either request or response).

It will store the chunks of data as they arrive, only to pass the entire message body after the whole message has been received by the proxy.

Subsequent filters is the chain will receive the whole body as a big piece of data.


This consumes memory and time.

Use with caution, otherwise your client will timeout, or your proxy will run out of memory.

Also note that all filters after "complete" are still called when the proxy receives data: they just receive empty data. They will receive the complete data when the filter chain is called for the very last time (the $buffer parameter is "undef"). (See the documentation of HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter for details about the $buffer parameter.)


This filter defines two methods, called automatically:

Stores the incoming data in memory until the last moment and passes empty data to the subsequent filters in the chain. They will receive the full body during the last round of filter calls.
This method returns a false value, thus indicating to the system that it will not modify data passing through.


Philippe "BooK" Bruhat, <>.


Thanks to Simon Cozens and Merijn H. Brandt, who needed this almost at the same time. ";-)"


Copyright 2004-2015, Philippe Bruhat.


This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

2019-03-01 perl v5.28.1