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OAI_PMH(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation OAI_PMH(1p)

NAME - pipe OAI-PMH to the command-line

SYNOPSIS <options> [baseURL]


Be more verbose (repeatable).
Force a non-conformant OAI request.
--from <ISO datetime>
--identifier <identifier>
OAI identifier to GetRecord or ListMetadataFormats.
--metadataPrefix <mdp>
Specify format of metadata to retrieve.
-X/--request <command>
Verb to request, defaults to ListRecords.
--set <oai set>
Request only those records in a set.
--until <ISO datetime>


Retrieve data from OAI-PMH endpoints. The output format is:



Where <headers> are in HTTP header format. Content will be the raw XML as exposed by the repository. Each record is separated by a FORMFEED character.

For example: -X GetRecord --metadataPrefix oai_dc \
2019-11-24 perl v5.30.0