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HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic(3pm)


HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic - Provide the classic functionality like HTML::Template


    use HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic compatible => 1;
    my $htcc = HTML::Template::Compiled::Classic->new(
        # usual parameters for HTML::Template::Compiled


This class provides features which can not be used together with features from HTML::Template::Compiled. These are:

If you want to use

  <TMPL_VAR NAME="some.var.with.dots">

you cannot use the dot-feature

  <TMPL_VAR NAME="some.hash.keys">

at the same time.

In HTML::Template, the following works:

    my $ht = HTML::Template->new(
        scalarref => \"<TMPL_VAR foo>",
    $ht->param(foo => sub { return "bar" });
    print $ht->output; # prints 'bar'

This doesn't work in HTML::Template::Compiled (in the past it did, but as of HTC version 0.70 it won't any more, sorry).


returns HTML::Template::Compiled::Compiler::Classic
gets the var name (parsed out of "NAME=""" and returns if the string is a valid var name
2022-06-14 perl v5.34.0