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gd_fragment_affixes(3) GETDATA gd_fragment_affixes(3)


gd_fragment_affixes — report the field affixes of a fragment of a Dirfile database


#include <getdata.h>

int gd_fragment_affixes(DIRFILE *dirfile, int fragment_index, char **prefix, char **suffix);


The gd_fragment_affixes() function queries a dirfile(5) database specified by dirfile and returns the field affixes for the fragment indexed by fragment_index. The field prefix and suffix are appended to all field codes found in the specified fragment.

The prefix and suffix parameters point to memory locations in which store the addresses of the returned strings. The returned prefix does NOT contain the root namespace of the fragment. To retreive that, use gd_fragment_namespace(3).

The dirfile argument must point to a valid DIRFILE object previously created by a call to gd_open(3).


Upon successful completion, gd_fragment_affixes() returns zero. If non-empty, the prefix and suffix are reported in heap-allocated buffers whose addresses are returned in *prefix and *suffix. By default malloc(3) is used to allocate these buffers, but a different allocator may be specified by calling gd_alloc_funcs(3) before calling this function. The caller is responsible for deallocating the buffers. If the fragment prefix or suffix is the empty string, NULL is returned in the corresponding pointer.

On error, a negative-valued error code is returned. In this case, the values of *prefix and *suffix are unspecified, but will NOT be pointers to valid allocated memory. Possible returned error codes are:

A memory allocation error occurred.
The supplied dirfile was invalid.
The supplied index was out of range.

The error code is also stored in the DIRFILE object and may be retrieved after this function returns by calling gd_error(3). A descriptive error string for the error may be obtained by calling gd_error_string(3).


The gd_fragment_affixes() function appeared in GetData-0.8.0.

In GetData-0.10.0, the error return from this function changed from -1 to a negative-valued error code.


gd_alloc_funcs(3), gd_alter_affixes(3), gd_fragment_namespace(3), gd_include_affixes(3), gd_open(3), dirfile(5), dirfile-format(5)

25 December 2016 Version 0.10.0