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Gedcom::WebServices(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gedcom::WebServices(3pm)


Gedcom::WebServices - Basic web service routines for

Version 1.22 - 15th November 2019


 wget -qO -


This module provides web service access to a GEDCOM file in conjunction with mod_perl. Using it, A request for information can be made in the form of a URL specifying the GEDCOM file to be used, which information is required and the format in which the information is to be delivered. This information is then returned in the specified format.

There are currently three supported formats:

  • plain - no markup
  • XML
  • JSON


The format of the URLs used to access the web services are:

The base URL to access the web services.
The format in which to return the results.
The name of the GEDCOM file to use (the extension .ged is assumed).
The xref of the record about which information is required. XREFs can be obtained initially from a search, and subsequently from certain queries.
The information requested. This is in the same format as that taken by the get_value method.
An individual to search for. This is in the same format as that taken by the get_individual method.


 $ wget -qO - ''
 $ wget -qO -
 0 @I52@ INDI
 1   NAME Elizabeth_II Alexandra Mary/Windsor/
 1   TITL Queen of England
 1   SEX F
 1   BIRT
 2     DATE 21 APR 1926
 2     PLAC 17 Bruton St.,London,W1,England
 1   FAMS @F14@
 1   FAMC @F12@
 $ wget -qO -
 Elizabeth_II Alexandra Mary /Windsor/
 $ wget -qO -
 21 APR 1926
 $ wget -qO -
 $ wget -qO -
 {"name":"Elizabeth_II Alexandra Mary /Windsor/"}
 $ wget -qO -
 <NAME>Elizabeth_II Alexandra Mary /Windsor/</NAME>
 $ wget -qO -
 <INDI ID="I52">
   <NAME>Elizabeth_II Alexandra Mary/Windsor/</NAME>
   <TITL>Queen of England</TITL>
     <DATE>21 APR 1926</DATE>
     <PLAC>17 Bruton St.,London,W1,England</PLAC>
   <FAMS REF="F14"/>
   <FAMC REF="F12"/>


Add a section similar to the following to your mod_perl config:

 PerlWarn On
 PerlTaintCheck On
         $Gedcom::TEST = 1;
     use Apache::Status;
     $ENV{PATH} = "/bin:/usr/bin";
     delete @ENV{"IFS", "CDPATH", "ENV", "BASH_ENV"};
     $Gedcom::DATA = $Gedcom::ROOT;  # location of data stored on server
     use lib "$Gedcom::ROOT/blib/lib";
     use Gedcom::WebServices;
     my $handlers =
     [ qw
     eval Gedcom::WebServices::_set_handlers($handlers);
     # use Apache::PerlSections; print STDERR Apache::PerlSections->dump;
 PerlTransHandler Gedcom::WebServices::_parse_uri


Very probably.

See the BUGS file. And the TODO file.


Version 1.22 - 15th November 2019


Copyright 2005-2019, Paul Johnson (

This software is free. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

The latest version of this software should be available from my homepage:

2019-11-21 perl v5.30.0