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Excel::Template::Container::Format(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Excel::Template::Container::Format(3pm)


Excel::Template::Container::Format - Excel::Template::Container::Format


To format all children according to the parameters






Boolean attributes should be set to 1, 0, true, or false.

Color values can be the color name or the color index. See "COLOURS IN EXCEL" in Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

  • align

    Set to either left, center, right, fill, or justify. Default is left. See also valign.

  • bg_color

    Set to a color value. Default is none.

  • bold

    This will set bold to on or off, depending on the boolean value.

  • border

    Set the border for all for edges of a cell. Also see bottom, top, left, and right. Valid values are 0 - 7.

    See "set_border()" in Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

  • border_color

    Sets the color value for the border. See also border, top_color, bottom_color, left_color and right_color.

  • bottom

    See border.

  • bottom_color

    See border_color

  • color

    This will set the color of the text, depending on color value. Default is black.

  • fg_color

    Set to a color value. This color will be used in foreground of some patterns. See color to change the color of text. Also see bg_color and pattern.

  • font

    This will sent the font face. Default is Arial.

  • font_outline

    This will set font_outline to on or off, depending on the boolean value. (q.v. OUTLINE tag)

  • font_shadow

    This will set font_shadow to on or off, depending on the boolean value. (q.v. SHADOW tag). This only applies to Excel for Macintosh.

  • font_strikeout

    This will set font_strikeout to on or off, depending on the boolean value. (q.v. STRIKEOUT tag)

  • hidden

    This will set whether the cell is hidden to on or off, depending on the boolean value.

  • indent

    Set the indentation level for a cell. Positive integers are allowed.

  • italic

    This will set italic to on or off, depending on the boolean value. (q.v. ITALIC tag)

  • left

    See border.

  • left_color

    See border_color.

  • num_format

    Set to the index of one of Excel's built-in number formats. See "set_num_format()" in Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

  • pattern

    Set to an integer, 0 - 18. Sets the background fill pattern of a ell. Default is 1, solid.

  • right

    See border.

  • right_color

    See border color.

  • rotation

    Set the rotation of the text in a cell. The rotation can be any angle in the range -90 to 90 degrees. The angle 270 is also supported. This indicates text where the letters run from top to bottom.

  • shrink

    A boolean value. If true, text will shrink to fit a cell.

  • size

    This will set the size of the font. Default is 10. Unless a row height is specifically set, the row will grow taller as necessary.

  • text_justlast

    A boolean value to justify the last line. Only applies to Far Eastern versions of Excel.

  • text_wrap

    A boolean value. When set to true, text will wrap in a cell instead of crossing over into empty cells. If the row height is not set, the row will grow taller to accommodate the wrapping text.

  • top

    See border.

  • top_color

    See border_color

  • valign

    Set to top, vcenter, bottom, or vjustify. Default is vcenter. See also align.








  <format bold="1">
    ... Children here

In the above example, the children will be displayed (if they are displaying elements) in a bold format. All other formatting will remain the same and the "bold"-ness will end at the end tag.


Rob Kinyon (



2022-06-13 perl v5.34.0