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rtcSetSceneFlags(3) Embree Ray Tracing Kernels 3 rtcSetSceneFlags(3)


rtcSetSceneFlags - sets the flags for the scene


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>
void rtcSetSceneFlags(RTCScene scene, enum RTCSceneFlags flags);


The rtcSetSceneFlags function sets the scene flags (flags argument) for the specified scene (scene argument). Possible scene flags are:

RTC_SCENE_FLAG_NONE: No flags set.
RTC_SCENE_FLAG_DYNAMIC: Provides better build performance for dynamic scenes (but also higher memory consumption).
RTC_SCENE_FLAG_COMPACT: Uses compact acceleration structures and avoids algorithms that consume much memory.
RTC_SCENE_FLAG_ROBUST: Uses acceleration structures that allow for robust traversal, and avoids optimizations that reduce arithmetic accuracy. This mode is typically used for avoiding artifacts caused by rays shooting through edges of neighboring primitives.
RTC_SCENE_FLAG_CONTEXT_FILTER_FUNCTION: Enables support for a filter function inside the intersection context for this scene. See Section [rtcInitIntersectContext] for more details.

Multiple flags can be enabled using an or operation, e.g. RTC_SCENE_FLAG_COMPACT | RTC_SCENE_FLAG_ROBUST.


On failure an error code is set that can be queried using rtcGetDeviceError.