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Debian::Control::Stanza(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Debian::Control::Stanza(3pm)


Debian::Control::Stanza - single stanza of Debian source package control file


    package Binary;
    use base 'Debian::Control::Stanza';
    use constant fields => qw( Package Depends Conflicts );


Debian::Control::Stanza is the base class for Debian::Control::Stanza::Source and Debian::Control::Stanza::Binary classes.


Stanza fields are to be defined in the class method fields. Typically this can be done like:

    use constant fields => qw( Foo Bar Baz );

Fields that are to contain dependency lists (as per "is_dependency_list" method below) are automatically converted to instances of the Debian::Dependencies class.

User-defined fields

User-defined fields are supported. These start with "X", optionally followed by "S", "B" or "C", then "_", capital letter and other letters and digits.

Examples: "X_Moon_Phase", "XS_Hemisphere".

See <>.


Creates a new Debian::Control::Stanza object and optionally initializes it with the supplied data. The object is hashref based and tied to Tie::IxHash.

You may use dashes for initial field names, but these will be converted to underscores:

    my $s = Debian::Control::Stanza::Source( {Build-Depends => "perl"} );
    print $s->Build_Depends;


Returns true if $field contains a list of dependencies. By default returns true for the following fields:
Returns true if the given field is to contain a comma-separated list of values. This is used in stringification, when considering where to wrap long lines.

By default the following fields are flagged to contain such lists:

Returns true if $field is considered appropriate to name a user-defined field.
Overrides the default get method from Class::Accessor with Tie::IxHash's FETCH.
Overrides the default set method from Class::Accessor with Tie::IxHash's STORE. In the process, converts $value to an instance of the Debian::Dependencies class if $field is to contain dependency list (as determined by the "is_dependency_list" method).
Returns a string representation of the object. Ready to be printed into a real debian/control file. Used as a stringification operator.

Fields that are comma-separated use one line per item, except if they are like "${some:Field}", in which case they are wrapped at $widthth column. $width defaults to 80.


Copyright (C) 2009, 2017 Damyan Ivanov

Copyright (C) 2020 gregor herrmann

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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