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Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache(3pm)


Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache - object driver for caching objects in Apache's request space


    package MyObject;
    use base qw( Data::ObjectDriver::BaseObject );
        driver => Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache->new(
            fallback => Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Memcached->new(
                cache    => Cache::Memcached->new({ servers => \@MEMCACHED_SERVERS }),
                fallback => Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::DBI->new( @$DBI_INFO ),


Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache provides automatic caching of retrieved objects in the per-request memory space of your Apache mod_perl processes, when used in conjunction with your actual object driver. It can be used to provide even faster results over memcached when requesting objects that have already been requested during the same request by some other part of your application, at the cost of the memory necessary to store the objects.

If your models can be used in an Apache mod_perl application as well as another context such as a command line shell, consider replacing the Apache layer of your caching with a "Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::RAM" layer when Apache is not available. See Data::ObjectDriver::Driver::Cache::Apache.



Required members of %params are:


The "Data::ObjectDriver" object driver from which to request objects that are not found in the Apache process cache.


The Apache driver provides integration with the "Data::ObjectDriver" debug and profiling systems. As these systems are designed around SQL queries, synthetic queries are logged to represent caching operations. The operations generated by this driver are:


    Retrieve an object. The argument is the cache key for the requested object.


    Add an object to the cache. The arguments are the cache key for the object and the flattened representation of the object to cache.


    Put an object in the cache. The arguments are the cache key for the object and the flattened representation of the object to cache.


    Remove an object from the cache. The argument is the cache key for the object to invalidate.


Apache, Apache2::RequestUtil


Data::ObjectDriver is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Except where otherwise noted, Data::ObjectDriver is Copyright 2005-2006 Six Apart, All rights reserved.

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