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Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source(3pm)


Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source - Configuration class Dpkg::Source


Configuration classes used by Config::Model

Model of files found under debian/source directory. See dpkg-source for details.


format - source package format

Specifies the format of the source package. A missing format implies a '1.0' source format. Mandatory. Type enum. choice: '1.0', '2.0', '3.0 (native)', '3.0 (quilt)', '3.0 (custom)', '3.0 (git)', '3.0 (bzr)'.

Here are some explanations on the possible values:

A source package in this format consists either of a .orig.tar.gz associated to a .diff.gz or a single .tar.gz (in that case the package is said to be native).
was the first specification of a new-generation source package format. This format is not recommended for wide-spread usage, the format "3.0 (quilt)" replaces it.
'3.0 (bzr)'
This format is experimental. It generates a single tarball containing the bzr repository.
'3.0 (custom)'
This format is particular. It doesn't represent a real source package format but can be used to create source packages with arbitrary files.
'3.0 (git)'
This format is experimental. A source package in this format consists of a single bundle of a git repository .git to hold the source of a package. There may also be a .git shallow file listing revisions for a shallow git clone.
'3.0 (native)'
extension of the native package format as defined in the 1.0 format.
'3.0 (quilt)'
A source package in this format contains at least an original tarball (.orig.tar.ext where ext can be gz, bz2, lzma and xz) and a debian tarball (.debian.tar.ext). It can also contain additional original tarballs (.orig-component.tar.ext).


Source options as described in dpkg-source Optional. Type node of class Dpkg::Source::Options .


Contains the lintian overrides parameters from all lintian overrides files contained in "debian/*lintian-overrides".

plain "lintian-overrides" is contained in "." element.

Other files are contained in basename element.

For instance, "debian/foo.lintian-overrides" is contained in "foo" element.

Unknown lintian tags trigger a warning.

Optional. Type string.


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  • Config::Model::models::Dpkg::Source::Options



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