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conio(3caca) libcaca conio(3caca)





__extern char * caca_conio_cgets (char *str)
DOS conio.h cgets() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_clreol (void)
DOS conio.h clreol() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_clrscr (void)
DOS conio.h clrscr() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cprintf (const char *format,...)
DOS conio.h cprintf() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cputs (const char *str)
DOS conio.h cputs() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_cscanf (char *format,...)
DOS stdio.h cscanf() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_delay (unsigned int)
DOS dos.h delay() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_delline (void)
DOS conio.h delline() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_getch (void)
DOS conio.h getch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_getche (void)
DOS conio.h getche() equivalent. __extern char * caca_conio_getpass (const char *prompt)
DOS conio.h getpass() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_gettext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, void *destin)
DOS conio.h gettext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_gettextinfo (struct caca_conio_text_info *r)
DOS conio.h gettextinfo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_gotoxy (int x, int y)
DOS conio.h gotoxy() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_highvideo (void)
DOS conio.h highvideo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_insline (void)
DOS conio.h insline() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_kbhit (void)
DOS conio.h kbhit() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_lowvideo (void)
DOS conio.h lowvideo() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_movetext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, int destleft, int desttop)
DOS conio.h movetext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_normvideo (void)
DOS conio.h normvideo() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_nosound (void)
DOS dos.h nosound() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_printf (const char *format,...)
DOS stdio.h printf() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_putch (int ch)
DOS conio.h putch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_puttext (int left, int top, int right, int bottom, void *destin)
DOS conio.h puttext() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio__setcursortype (int cur_t)
DOS conio.h _setcursortype() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_sleep (unsigned int)
DOS dos.h sleep() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_sound (unsigned int)
DOS dos.h sound() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textattr (int newattr)
DOS conio.h textattr() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textbackground (int newcolor)
DOS conio.h textbackground() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textcolor (int newcolor)
DOS conio.h textcolor() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_textmode (int newmode)
DOS conio.h textmode() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_ungetch (int ch)
DOS conio.h ungetch() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_wherex (void)
DOS conio.h wherex() equivalent. __extern int caca_conio_wherey (void)
DOS conio.h wherey() equivalent. __extern void caca_conio_window (int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
DOS conio.h window() equivalent.

Detailed Description

These functions implement DOS-like functions for high-level text operations.


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