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Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow(3pm)


Bio::Graphics::Glyph::anchored_arrow - The "anchored_arrow" glyph


  See L<Bio::Graphics::Panel> and L<Bio::Graphics::Glyph>.


This glyph draws an arrowhead which is anchored at one or both ends (has a vertical base) or has one or more arrowheads. The arrowheads indicate that the feature does not end at the edge of the picture, but continues. For example:

    |-----------------------------|          both ends in picture
 <----------------------|                    left end off picture
         |---------------------------->      right end off picture
 <------------------------------------>      both ends off picture

You can also set the glyph so that the end is just truncated at the end of the picture.



The following options are standard among all Glyphs. See Bio::Graphics::Glyph for a full explanation.

  Option      Description                      Default
  ------      -----------                      -------
  -fgcolor      Foreground color               black
  -outlinecolor Synonym for -fgcolor
  -bgcolor      Background color               turquoise
  -fillcolor    Synonym for -bgcolor
  -linewidth    Line width                     1
  -height       Height of glyph                10
  -font         Glyph font                     gdSmallFont
  -connector    Connector type                 0 (false)
                Connector color                black
  -label        Whether to draw a label        0 (false)
  -description  Whether to draw a description  0 (false)
  -hilite       Highlight color                undef (no color)

In addition to the standard options, this glyph recognizes the following:

  Option         Description                Default
  -tick          draw a scale               0 (false)
                 use relative coordinates   0 (false)
                 for scale
                 set the relative offset    1 
                 for scale
  -no_arrows     don't draw an arrow when   0 (false)
                 glyph is partly offscreen

The argument for -tick is an integer between 0 and 2 and has the same interpretation as the -tick option in Bio::Graphics::Glyph::arrow.

If -rel_coords is set to a true value, then the scale drawn on the glyph will be in relative (1-based) coordinates relative to the beginning of the glyph.


Please report them.


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Allen Day <>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See DISCLAIMER.txt for disclaimers of warranty.

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