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Arch::Test::Framework(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::Test::Framework(3pm)


Arch::Test::Framework - A test framework for Arch-Perl


    use Arch::Test::Framework;
    my $fw = Arch::Test::Framework->new;
    my $archive = $fw->make_archive;
    my $version = $archive->make_version();
    my $tree = $fw->make_tree($version);
    # do something with $tree
    $tree->import('initial import');


Arch::Test::Framework is a framework to quickly generate testing data (archives, versions, trees, changesets, etc) for arch-perl unit tests.


new, arch_uid, home_dir, library_dir, archives_dir, trees_dir, make_archive, make_category, make_branch, make_version, make_tree.

Create a new arch-perl test environment.

Valid keys for %args are home to specify an existing test environment to reuse, library to specify a different revision library path, archives to specify a different archives directory, and trees to specify a differente project tree directory. The default values are "$home/library", "$home/archives", and "$home/trees" respectively.

A different arch user id can be selected with the userid key, the default is "Arch Perl Test <>".

These methods return the environment parameters as initialized by new.
Create a new archive in the archives directory. If archive_name is not specified a unique name is generated. The archive name is returned. Returns an Arch::Test::Archive reference for the archive.
Create and initialize ("tla init-tree") a new project tree for version. I name is not specified, a unique identifier will be generated. Returns an Arch::Test::Tree reference for the project tree.


Mikhael Goikhman (

Enno Cramer (

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0