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Arch::RevisionBunches(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::RevisionBunches(3pm)


Arch::RevisionBunches - manage bunches of related revisions


    use Arch::RevisionBunches;
    use Arch::Tree;
    my $rb = Arch::RevisionBunches->new;
    my $tree = Arch::Tree->new(".", own_logs => 1);
    $rb->rebunch(25);  # the default is 50
    foreach my $bunch ($rb->get) {
        print "$bunch->{version}\n";
        print "    $_->{name}\t$_->{summary}\n"
            foreach @{$bunch->{revision_descs}};
    foreach my $bunch ($rb->reverse_revision_descs->rebunch(30)) {
        print $bunch->{name1};
        print " .. $bunch->{name2}" if $bunch->{name2};
        print " ($bunch->{daysago1}";
        print " .. $bunch->{daysago2}" if $bunch->{name2};
        print " days ago)\n";


This class helps front-ends to group revisions. Such grouping is essential when, for example, the version to be shown contains thousands of revisions. The front-end may decide to show expandable bunches of 100 revisions each.

There is a support for revision descriptions (summary, date, creator, email, and in some cases associated the file name and/or the associated version). There is a constraint by convention, one bunch may only contain revisions of the same version, and the ones associated with the same file if applicable. It is possible to define an order of versions. It is possible to recreate bunches (rebunch) using a different number of revisions. The constraint defines the actual number of revisions in different bunches, it is not guaranteed to be the same.


The following methods are available:

new, init, add_revision_descs, versions, rebunch, get, clear, reverse_revision_descs, versions, filepaths.

Construct Arch::RevisionBunches object.

The %args are passed to init method.

The %args keys may be bunch_size (to use as the default bunch size instead of 50), max_sumlen (maximal summary length to keep including trailing ellipsis, must be greater than 5), version (if set, then all revisions are assumed to be of one version, otherwise multiple versions are assumed), final_revision and final_filepath (the final revision and filepath for which the revision bunches are constructed). These last two %args keys are not really used yet.
Add revision descriptions that is arrayref of hashes. See other classes that return such revision descriptions. If the %constant_fields is given, then add these to all revision descriptions (rarely needed).

Return the object, this enables chaining of get or rebunch method call.

Group newly added revisions if no bunch_size is specified. Otherwise regroup all revisions using a given bunch_size. The default bunch size may be specified in the constructor.

Return the same get does.

Return bunches that is arrayref in scalar context, array in list context.

Each bunch is hashref with keys:

    name1 daysago1 time1 tz1
    name2 daysago2 time2 tz2

and optionally "version", "is_missing" and "filepath" if applicable.

This method implicitly calls rebunch with no parameter if new revision descriptions were added that are not bunched yet.

Clear all bunches and their revision descriptions.
Effectivelly empty all revision descriptions (both old and new) and readd them in the reverse order.

Return the object, this enables chaining of get or rebunch method call.

Return distinct versions participated in all bunches. Return empty arrayref if not applicable, i.e. if version is given in the constructor.
Return distinct filepaths participated in all bunches. Return empty arrayref if not applicable, i.e. if revision descriptions have no filepath.


Waiting for your reports.


Mikhael Goikhman (


For more information, see Arch::Tree, Arch::Log, Arch::Session, Arch::Library.

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0