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Arch::Registry(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Arch::Registry(3pm)


Arch::Registry - manage registered archives, search archives on the web


    use Arch::Registry;
    my $registry = Arch::Registry->new;
    my %archive_locations = $registry->registered_archives;
    %archive_locations = $registry->supermirror_archives;
    die $registry->web_error if $registry->web_error;
    my @john_versions = @{
    my $archives = $registry->search_supermirror('.*', '--cset-gui--');
    die $registry->web_error unless defined $archives;
    my $versions = $registry->search_supermirror('john@', '^tla\b', 1);
    print map { "$_\n" } @$versions;  # print


This class provides the way to register and unregister GNU Arch archives for the caller user and list all registered archives. It also provides the way to search the supermirror (currently by archive name or archive/category/branch/version regexp.


The following class methods are available:

new, register_archive, unregister_archive, registered_archives, set_web_cache, flag_web_cache, supermirror_archives, supermirror_archive_versions, search_supermirror, web_error.

Construct Arch::Registry object.
Register archive at the given location and optional archive (if missing then the location is actually accessed to find the archive name). Returns true on success.
Unregister archive. Returns true on success.
Returns a hash (or hashref in scalar context) of registered archives, that is pairs archive => location.
Define the web cache to use with operations on the supermirror.

The keys of named-values are dir (the web cache directory) and ttl (time to live in minutes). If named-values is empty or misses dir, or dir does not exist, the cache is unset.

This method has a side effect of forgetting memoized real-web-or-cache content fetches. So you may call it with or without parameters to reset the memoized values, although this should rarely be needed.

Turn on or off the web cache depending on the parameter.

value may be "enabled", "disabled", "nowrite" and "noread". Additionally, the false value will be taken as "disabled", the true value as "enabled".

Returns a hash (or hashref in scalar context) of archives mirrored on the supermirror, that is pairs archive => location.
Returns a hashref of archives mirrored on the supermirror and all their versions, that is pairs archive => [ version, .. ].
Search the archives (and possibly their branches/versions) by archive and version regular expressions given.

If return_versions is unset, returns arrayref that is all matching [ archive, .. ]. If return_versions is set to 'joined', returns arrayref that is all matching [ archive/version, .. ]. If return_versions is set to 'hashref', returns hashref similar to supermirror_archive_versions that is all matching { archive => [ version, .. ], ... }.

If web_error occurred, returns undef.

archive_regexp defaults to "any", version_regexp defaults to "any", return_versions defaults to false.

Returns the string containing the error while fetching one or another supermirror url (the last one). Returns undef if no error occured.


Waiting for your reports.


Mikhael Goikhman (


For more information, see tla, Arch::Util, Arch::LiteWeb.

2022-06-08 perl v5.34.0