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ASP-PERL(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation ASP-PERL(1p)


asp-perl - Apache::ASP CGI and command line script processor


asp-perl [-hsdb] [-f asp.conf] [-o directory] file1 @arguments file2 @arguments ...

    -h  Help you are getting now!
    -f  Specify an alternate configuration file other than ./asp.conf
    -s  Setup $Session and $Application state for script.
    -d  Set to debug code upon errors.
    -b  Only return body of document, no headers.
    -o  Output directory, writes to files there instead of STDOUT
    -p  GlobalPackage config, what perl package are the scripts compiled in.


This program will run Apache::ASP scripts from the command line. Each file that is specified will be run, and the $Request->QueryString() and $Request->Form() data will be initialized by the @arguments following the script file name.

The @arguments will be written as space separated words, and will be initialized as an associate array where %arguments = @arguments. As an example:

 asp-perl file.asp key1 value1 key2 value2

would be similar to calling the file.asp in a web environment like


The asp.conf script will be read from the current directory for parameters that would be set with PerlSetVar normally under mod_perl. For more information on how to configure the asp.conf file, please see < >


perldoc Apache::ASP, and also


Copyright 1998-2004 Joshua Chamas, Chamas Enterprises Inc.

This program is distributed under the GPL. Please see the LICENSE file in the Apache::ASP distribution for more information.

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